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May 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
to paying brown to heckle former mayor fenty, and then shredding evidence of the payments. and then another former aide was charged with lying about the payments. what are your reaction to the payments? >> it's another cloud over the gray administration. the continuing charges will have to wait and we'll see what happens next, but the pressure is increasing on mayor gray to say something, and he says he can't but people say he ought to break that rule and say something. critics say the mayor doesn't know what he is going on in the administration which reflects on what the critics say is incompetence. it's a no-win situation. but the thinking is, he really has to say something and clear the air. >> there is an old saying, the buck stops at the top. how far the buck will go we don't know. because this investigation is going on, and you know, we were told pretty much, or at least it was a public knowledge about five months ago that this investigation would really be heavy, and continue on, and that's exactly what is happening. it's going to -- nichols, i listened to last week on wpfw radio, he
May 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
with her child. he attends the brown academy in alexandria. and, you know, because it is such a good cause, she wants hem to have fun but also feels that he needs to get behind good causes and it is good to get him started young. >> my son's school, brown academy, they have a team. he's 10 years old. and it is important for kids to recognize how blessed they are, to support and causes and for -- brain cancer, research, and you never know, it is not directly affecting my family right now but just never know. i want my son to be able to appreciate how blessed he is and be able to support important causes like this. >> reporter: indeed. you know, in the future that means one more person in the vast crowd of people who care. people who put their feet, i guess, where their thoughts are. indeed they come out and do something. now, this race will go up to the capitol and cop back. if you are headed down this roy, you will encounter street closures. that's where we are live, news4. back to you. >> derrick ward reporting live. thank you very much it be linting to see how many people participate in
May 20, 2012 6:00am EDT
people have high hopes. >>> let's talk about chuck brown. chuck brown, known as the godfather of go go died here. talk about the impact chuck brown had on d.c. >> i said it this week on my show, he is to washington, d.c. what elvis was to memphis. that's the best way to put it. people around the country may not be as crazy about it, but they really are, and they may not know the origin of the go go beat. the music won't die. that spontaneous reaction on the night of his death in front of the howard theater was just heartfelt. i would say he is to washington, d.c. -- go go is the official music of the washington, d.c. >> i don't know about the official music, because i will not leave out mccoy or marvin gaye -- >> marvin gaye is detroit. >> let me finish. go go was the music of washington, just like motown came out of detroit, and the philly sound, and that's -- >> you are asking me if i remember? >> oh, yes. >> i want to -- >> you are a young man. >> okay. >> i do agree that the go go was a signature in washington music, but the fact is he brought a very, very important platform of mus
May 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
says investigations are still open on mayor vincent gray and kwame brown. they're both accused of violences. he told wamu yesterday that his office is moving quickly to find the truth because the people of d.c. deserve honest politicians. >> it's really important that our elected officials act with integrity and honor. if they don't, people want to see them being held accountable. >> both gray and brown have denied any wrong doing and say they're cooperating with authorities. >>> metro wants your opinion on taking some bus stops off its busiest routes. the idea is to save time for passengers and save money for the agency. this plan is not a win/win for everywhere. >> reporter: it's called the 70. metro buzzes 7th street line is one of the most heavily traveled in the district. allison peppers has been using the system for over four dektds. >> it's respected by the citizens of this city, washington, d.c. and it's well needed. >> reporter: but the 70 also makes frequent stops. something regulars say could drive them crazy. >> stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. it slows you down enough
May 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
open on kwame brown and vincent gray. they're both accused of finance violences. he told wamu yesterday that his office is working quickly to find the truth because the people of the state deserve honest politicians. >> they need to act with integrity and honor. if they don't, people want them held accountable. >>> riders may soon get from point a to point b a little faster using metro buses. the transit agency is considering taking stops off bus routes. but we explain why it may not sit well with everyone. >> reporter: it's called the 70. seventh street line is one of the most heavily traveled. ellison peppers has been used it for over four decades. >> it's respected by the citizens of this city. and it's well needed. >> reporter: but the 70 also makes frequent stops. something regulars say can drive them crazy. >> stops with stop, stop, stop, stop. it slows you down enough. >> sometimes afternoon is like 30 minutes, 45 minutes. you get a wait like that. >> reporter: so metro is holding a series of hearings to see which bus stops, if any, it could scrap. >> this is just the first step
May 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
this and get away with it. >> it does send a song to the other investigations such as qualmy brown and vince gray. >> thomas promised to work to restore his representation. can he regain his political career or retore that? >> if he gets into community service and tries to pay off -- some way pay off his debt in monetary sums and in real hard-driving ways, you know, contrition and that kind of thing. voters love a person that changes course and becomes a good person when they have been a bad person. >> i talked to one at large council member that told me it would be difficult for him once he comes out of the prison mainly because it will be difficult to get a job in government. the whole thing here is public trust. public trust does not easily go away. >> marion barry, he had his downs and ups -- >> but barry never stole money from children, and he never stole money from the government -- >> yeah, you are right. he never did anything like that. >> anything is possible. but let's say you have a new breed of politicians coming in, and i don't know it will be as easy as it has in the past. they
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6